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High School Students Early Admissions Program

College of DuPage offers an Early Admissions Program for students who have not yet reached the age of 18 or graduated from high school. High school students who are eligible for the program can take college-level courses. Many classes are offered nights and weekends. 

Admission Requirements

Acceptance into the Early Admissions program is determined by the College of DuPage Office of Admissions and 外展 on a case-by-case basis. After the first term of classes, the student is considered a returning early admission student and must meet with a counselor from Counseling, Advising and Transfer 服务 until the student graduates from high school or turns 18 years old.

Opportunities for High School Students

Dual Credit

College of DuPage’s Dual Credit Program is an opportunity for qualified high school students to enroll in a college-level course and upon successful course completion, earn both college and high school credit. By enrolling in dual credit, high schools students are able to:

  • Get ahead by starting their college education early and begin working on general education 学分.
  • Explore different college programs and experience academic and social aspects of college 生活.
  • Transfer qualified college 学分 to other colleges and universities or fulfill a college or university's admissions requirement. 

Exam Preparation

免费的 High School Equivalency (GED/HSE) program can help prepare students to take and pass the GED or other high school equivalency 考试. High school students can also improve their PSAT, ACT or SAT scores with test preparation classes held throughout the year through the Youth Academy.

Youth Academy Classes

Whether high school students want to advance their knowledge in a particular subject or enroll in a class they love and enjoy a new hobby, non-credit Continuing Education classes available.

Offerings are held throughout the year with the largest selection offered in the summer. Get extra help in math or English, improve reading speed or prep for an upcoming class by enrolling in high school enrichment classes.